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How to Gender Euphoria

Interested in subscribing to the "How to Gender Euphoria" digital zine? Go to Joscelyn Transpiring's patreon now to subscribe. The first issue comes out January 2024!


"How to Gender Euphoria" is a DIY digital zine project aimed at helping transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse people explore, access, and connect with their gender euphoria through ideas, practical how-to's, fiction, and an advice column.

Gender questions? Ask us!

At a loss about gender? Feel like you missed out on the day in class where they explained how to do this or that basic gendery thing? Struggling with a stubborn bit of gender dysphoria?

Ask Joscelyn! She'll do her best to help you figure out your gender euphoria and share it in the zine advice column for others to learn from too.

Image by Jasmin Egger
Image by Matt Walsh

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